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Web3 Project looking for an Investor

The Angels NFTs Ecosystem is for sale!

A turn-key ecosystem waiting for you to take over. 

If you are interested to enter the #MultiversX #blockchain or you are already familiar with it, this is an opportunity for you to own an entire ecosystem, containing NFTs/SFTs, branded token, staking and DAO Smart Contracts, all project funds & more.

This is what we offer.

A. 4 NFT collections & 2 SFT collections, one validated and w/ 1007 NFTs mint out of 10K, FP 0.15 EGLD, as follows:

All layouts are unique and ready for new collections and/or extensions. New NFTs collections can be created from layouts including weapons, wings, clothes and more, ready to be used in an NFT game. 

B. 1 branded token with 1,172 holders & 2,224 TXx, and several deviated LPs available in and others:

C. The dApp for the collections, which contains:

  • a premium domain ( hosted on EU servers
  • a marketplace for the collections above, where NFTs can be purchased with the branded token $JOY or $EGLD
  • staking #smartcontracts for single and multiple NFTs at once for every collection
  • DAO smart contract & more
  • Currently handling 14 #smartcontracts, which can be audited, re-used for other collections or extended as needed. The hosting/servers will be transferred to the new owner. 

D. The domain, hosting and website of the project:

E. All social accounts (twitter, telegram, discord and more). 

F. The GitHub account, including all source codes and repositories of the project, scripts and more.

G. All wallets and funds of the project. All #MEX locked to 4 years, available in xExchange and $EGLD available in the treasury. 

All team members & partners have been payed for sources outside of the project.

Possible use of the Angels ecosystem: 

  1. NFT Card game
  2. P2E game with $JOY rewards
  3. NFT/SFT collections and branded token which can be targeted for specific purpose IRL
  4. High resolution original layouts that are ready to use for creating new NFTs collections 
  5. Just use the NFT collections as is and build on top of them, by extending the dApp to your specific purpose. NFTs can be purchased with the $JOY token or $EGLD. 

In the meantime, we will continue to build and improve the project, so the new owner can benefit more for it. Every new addition will add-up to the main project, so the more we build, the more options you have. 

If you think owning a project in #MultiversX sounds interesting and you have an idea how to level it up, contact us and let’s chat.