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The Angels Community


NFTs for Charity by Elrond Angels NFT

Twitter Account:@theangelscom
This is our sticker for the charity packages. Get yours now by requesting it on Discord - #print-your-nft Channel
We unleash the power of $JOY over The Angels Community
Together with you, we will donate 100 Angels (10% from Batch #1) to causes we all love and will vote for.
Here is how it works:
A. Everyone gets 100$JOY for FREE – via GiveAway
B. Donate your spare $LKMEX for $JOY in esdt.marked, here:
C. For every 68,150.00 $JOY swapped for $LKMEX, we donate an ANGEL NFT from our Charity profile, by send it to the Donor Recipient/s wallet.
D. If the Donor Recipients requests $EGLD instead of the ANGEL NFT for liquidity purposes, we provide the $EGLD (0.29EGLD/NFT) and “burn” the
ANGEL NFT, by send it to an unused wallet, so it will not be used anymore.
E. Join our Discord and vote your Donor Recipients:
1 ANGEL NFT = 68,150.00 $JOY
100 ANGEL NFTs = 6,815,000.00 $JOY
Swap $LKMEX for $JOY
Angels NFTs Charity Profile
Charity Wallet
Coming Soon: Donate your $JOY for an Angels NFT. The Angel NFT will be donated and the $JOY burned for Charity into $BJOY. 
NOTE: We, @TheAngelsCommunity or our NFT Project @ElrondAngelsNFT will never ask for any kind of donations in NFTs, cryptocurrency or FIAT money (Euro/$/£/RON) for childcare institutions or for anything else! If you care to donate, please contact them directly using this list and other means of information. Our solely effort is to raise awareness on this topic in the blockchain NFT community. Our donations are made from our own project’s funds!
Please beware of scammers that could use our brand to request NFTs, cryptocurrency or FIAT money (Euro/$/£/RON) as donations to charity! WE DO NOT DO THAT!
Do your own research first and Donate only to NGOs or Foundations that are legally registered in Romania!

Our Angels project has started as a charity project for childcare NGOs from Romania. As we have decided to use the Elrond Network as the blockchain to launch our NFT collections on, we chose the project name: “Elrond Angels”.

To clarify, “Elrond Angels” and “The Angels Community” are one and the same entity. It is the Community of Goodwill that we are building around this project.

We use the “ElrondAngelsNFT” twitter account to tweet about our NFTs and the “TheAngelsCom” account exclusively for the charity that derives from NFT sales.

For those who would like to donate for charity but also looking for an Angel NFT with particular traits (preferences), please visit this Trust Market profile:

It contains 100 NFTs already minted (10% of Batch #1 for Charity), as per the NFT Economics.

This way, we have separated the usual mint price of 0.29 EGLD for Angels NFT collection for the charity fund. Donations can be higher that 0.29 EGLD and 100% will go to NGOs for Charity via direct EGLD transfer from below wallet to their wallet.

We have also separated the mint wallet from the charity wallet, for 100% transparency.


The beneficiaries of the charity funds gathered from donations and NFT sales will be added in: The Angels’ List . This is a list with all the NGOs for Childcare and Eldercare we have in mind, starting with the one from Bucharest and continue with the others from the rest of our country, Romania. Please feel free to contact us and let us know if you want to mint an NFT and have its funds sent to a specific NGO from the list. 

Charity also includes donations for #UKRAINE (see partnerships with “ARDA #EGLD for UKRAINE” and “#Stramosi for UKRAINE”).

Warning! The only wallet used for charity is the one above, for both NFTs sales and EGLD Donations!  Impersonators may contact you in our behalf to request for donations using other wallets or means. We do not request for donations or contact/DM you first! Please be careful so you do not fall for any scams! Do your own research first, only Donate to NGOs legally registered in Romania and finally, join our Discord to alert us of such situations: