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The EANGELS-23326a Collection Refund

14 Feb 2022 – Announcement for the community. 

Our main twitter account @ElrondAngels has been temporary suspended due to over engagement during the NFT giveaway and the Twitter support has not responded to our appeal yet. 

As our reputation and project’s minting has been critically affected by this situation, we have decided to refund all those who minted the EANGELS-23326a collection (7 wallet owners). 

We have decided to use Matei’s twitter account @ilmt92 to continue with the giveaway, and we will create a different twitter account: @ElrondAngelsNFT, to replace the suspended one, which we have requested to be closed.   

Independently of this situation, we have also decided to stop the mint and withdrawn the EANGELS-23326a collection. The reason behind this decision is purely technical and has nothing to do with the twitter account suspension.

The current EANGELS-23326a collection is very large, as it contains high-quality 3445 X 3445 px .jpg files, optimized from even higher quality .png files. However, this consumes a lot of bandwidth from pinata ipfs and may lead to inconsistent behavior in displaying the files due to account limitations.   

The eAngels collection is:

Those who have minted EANGELS-23326a have already received their 0.10 eGLD back and can keep the NFT as a token of appreciation for their trust in this project.  

We are willing to buy these NFTs back at their mint price + fees, so we can burn then and use the new collection instead, or swap them with NFTs from the new collection. We do this even if we have refunded each and every wallet.  Please contact us for buy/swap with new collection if you are among the 7 who minted them. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. 


07 March 2022 – Follow-up on above announcement 

We have re-built the project entirely and we were able to overcome all pinata’s account limitations. 

We have released a new collection, called “Angels”, available here:

We have also added the optimized version of eDemons, which is now called “Demons” and is available at:

And finally, the optimized Heruvims collection, available at:

The new, optimized collections are smaller and faster to render, and we have been assured there will be no further issues with the pinata account. 

The old collection is not available anymore, but the new collection is ready for mint and currently under validation. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

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