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About the project

Ever since we started the project (previously Elrond Angels) our goal was to create a “community of GoodWill”.  

We call it “The Angels Community” and we started by contributing to charity projects from the MultiversX blockchain ecosystem, helping Ukraine, Romanian Childcare NGOs and other individuals in need. 

We have created 3 NFTs Collections: Angels, Demons and Cherubs(Heruvims). We focused on validating and minting the Angels collection, and worked to create a community around our dream – to help the Orphans from Romania. And then, scale it up to other countries. 

Our dream - the problem

According to ARFO (Alianța România Fără Orfani), there are currently 46,000 children in the social care system in Romania. Every year, 9,000 new children enters the special protection system, either for being abused, neglected, parents’ death or other reasons. They stay in the system for about 7,5 years. 

The Orphaned children are up to 10x more likely to be trafficked (according to FBI data) 

And they are 4 times more likely to commit suicide in teenage years (according to Pilowsky & Wu, 2006). 

Nationwide, at 31.12.2021, date of recording, there were 3044 orphans ready to be adopted. 


What we do - the solution

What is purpose of

  1. To create a trustworthy database of charity causes that accepts crypto payments via the #MultiversX⚡️ #Blockchain 
  2. To raise awareness of social impact topics, such as the one we mention in our Litepaper
  3. To implement #crypto donations in $EGLD/$JOY for verified charity causes in a very user-friendly, transparent and trusted way
  4. To spotlight #MultiversX⚡️ #Blockchain among charity-friendly and philanthropy blockchains & organisations 
  5. To create tools and resources that allows rewarding of those who donate and interact with our ecosystem. 

How we do it - the Implementation

Using the MultiversX blockchain and its Community, our vision is to spread the word about the needs of the orphans and connect the NGOs with Donors from this blockchain. Communities will meet, adoption will bring more people into the blockchain and so the need for help can spread to the ears of those who are always there when we need them. Those who help in silence and those who shout for help will met in one place. And we are here for both. 

We have created the Angels NFTs especially for this purpose. Everyone willing to donate, can mint NFTs and support our work. We are constantly working to improve the value of each NFT, by adding rewards, airdrops and other perks for the Holders. With each new Batch minted (each 1000 NFTs), we are looking to increase their value and increase the number of the NFTs donated for Childcare Charity.

Every Community member BUYING NFTs will contribute to a NGO for Childcare Charity. We donate 1 NFT for every 10 NFTs sold from the first Batch of 1000 NFTs. Starting with the 2nd Batch of 1000 NFTs, the percent for charity raises with 2.5%, until it reaches 32.5%, for Batch #10.

Childcare Charities are added in a list, available at:

Our NFTs & Token

Our ANGELS NFT Collections consist of 3 NFT collections: 

Angels(10,000 NFTs):

Demons (1000 NFTs):

Heruvims(100 NFTs):

Their Distribution, as per below. Also read:


Our main token is: JOY-43bad3

Total supply for the entire ANGELS Ecosystem: 777,000,000 JOY 

Token type: ERD ERC-20, deflationary, using multiple burning mechanisms. 

Read more about the JOY Token and other tokens at: