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Author page: elrondangeladmin

PDR X Angels.CX

Angels & @ElrondNetwork #MultiversX friends, We are thrilled to announce a partnership with @PDroneRacing Make sure you are on Discord to learn more about our projects & the benefits of this collaboration: Angels & Drones, let's do good, together!?⚡️ — Angels Charity X - (previously ElrondAngelsNFT) (@ElrondAngelsNFT) November 26,…

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AshSwap X Angels NFT

#ElrondCommunity To honor our Communication Partnership with @ash_swap and give you the latest news and an overview of the Battle of Yields 2, we created a special section on Stay tuned for more and let's do good!?#EGLD #DEX — Angels NFT (@ElrondAngelsNFT) October 21, 2022

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ArtCPAclub X Angels NFT

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with @_Official_CPA ? ♠️Angels will take part in the marketplace, Demons will play the cards.♦️ Together, united, we march for raising awareness for @ElrondNetwork #Charity & #Philanthropy, build together, for good! ♥️ Join us!♣️ — Angels NFT - Mint, Stake, Earn, Build. For good!…

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Batch #2 Mint Giveaway

?Giveaway? To celebrate Batch #2 mint, 30,000.00 $JOY will be distributed to 3 lucky participants, 10K each.? Rules: 1️⃣Follow:@ElrondAngelsNFT, @theangelscom, @gsworks85, @ilmt92 2️⃣Retweet 3️⃣Tag 3+ friends Ending in 3 days at 01:00 PM UTC Let's go!?#ElrondGiveaway #EGLD — Angels NFT - Mint, Stake, Earn, Build. For good! (@ElrondAngelsNFT) October 10, 2022

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Superciety X Angels NFT

NEW: @ElrondAngelsNFT joins us as a DAO in superciety ? – bringing POWERFUL tools of decentralization to their community without any coding⚡️ ? visit our friends at hey, new supercitizens! welcome to superciety.#Elrond #EGLD — Superciety ⚡️ (@SupercietyHQ) October 9, 2022

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August Giveaway

Greetings #ElrondCommunity Mint the last Early Adopters Angels NFTs for only 0.29 EGLD: To win 1 Angel NFT, check out this ? Giveaway: Angels NFTs mint will stop at 1000 NFTs to prepare for Batch #2. Let's go! ?#NFTGiveaway — Elrond Angels NFT - Mint, Stake, Earn?? (@ElrondAngelsNFT) August…

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