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Batch #2 – Mint is live!

NFT 1001 - 2000

  1. Buy $EGLD using app
  2. Mint Angels collections from,, ANGELS-11b373, DEMONS-937b09, HERUVIMS-21bb23
  3. The mint links are below: -for Angels:
  4. – for Demons:
  5. – for Cherubs / Heruvims:
  6. Stake them on The Angels and Demons collections offers 1333 $JOY/NFT/month for 12 months. Heruvims collection offers 3 times the same reward.
  7. Harvest $JOY token every 7 days.
  8. Swap $JOY for $LKMEX and $JOY for BJOY via esdt,market or $JOY for $wEGLD via
  9. Propose ideas or vote them with $JOY in TheAngelsCommunity DAO at
  10. Buy Angels, Demons and Heruvims NFT directly with $JOY and 0% royalties from

Further utility will be added to the $JOY token during the mint period of Batch #2.

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