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Available on MultiversX Blockchain

Welcome to

What is purpose of

1. To create a trustworthy database of charity causes that accepts crypto payments via the #MultiversX⚡️ #Blockchain
2. To raise awareness of social impact topics, such as the one we mention in our Litepaper
3. To implement #crypto donations in $EGLD/$JOY for verified charity causes in a very user-friendly, transparent and trusted way
4. To spotlight #MultiversX⚡️ #Blockchain among charity-friendly and philanthropy blockchains & organisations
5. To create tools and resources that allows rewarding of those who donate and interact with our ecosystem.

Partners & Contributors

PDR X Angels.CX
Angels & @ElrondNetwork #MultiversX friends, We are thrilled to announce a partnership with @PDroneRacing Make sure you are on Discord to learn more about our projects &…
AshSwap X Angels NFT
#ElrondCommunity To honor our Communication Partnership with @ash_swap and give you the latest news and an overview of the Battle of Yields 2, we created a special section…
ArtCPAclub X Angels NFT
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with @_Official_CPA ? ♠️Angels will take part in the marketplace, Demons will play the cards.♦️ Together, united, we march for raising…
Community Involvment

How Charity works

Every Community member minting NFTs can contribute to a Charity cause that will be voted in our DAO. We donate 1 NFT for every 10 NFTs sold from the first Batch of 1000 NFTs. Starting with the 2nd Batch of 1000 NFTs, the percent for charity raises with 2.5%, until it reaches 32.5%, for Batch #10.

We donate up to 32.5% of total NFTs

Every Community member minting NFTs will directly contribute to Charity actions.

Stake $JOY and claim weekly rewards

Stake $JOY in our #dApp and earn rewards which can be claimed weekly

Contribute to other MultiversX projects

We welcome other projects to add their NFTs and tokens to our dApp and grow together.

Latest News

$JOY staking on OneDex app
Angels, As the first month of staking via @OneDex_X is over, the APR has changed to 7% for 2023, as announced here???? To get more $JOY, buy…
$JOY is available in
JOY-EGLD & JOY-USDC LP pairs are available in @xExchangeApp at the Experimental listing ???? Swap is enabled for the JOY-USDC pair since the @JungleDEX days Will also change…

Advantages of minting or holding Angels NFTs?


We donate 1 NFT for every 10 NFTs sold when the first Batch of 1000 NFTs are sold. With each Batch, donation percent raises up to 32.5% and a total of 2125 NFTs to be donated to charity.


Holding NFTs from means earning passive income by staking the JOY token earned as rewards. Stake your $JOY in and claim your weekly rewards.


Contribute to projects that will be created and will grow the MultiversX. We help other projects with their token or NFTs staking and more and so we grow together.


ANGELS NFT holders will qualify for airdrops, prizes and giveaways during the NFT mint or during marketing promotions, as well as during other partners' projects.


All major decisions will be consulted with the community via The Angels Community DAO. Anyone who owns at least 10,000 $JOY can propose ideas, to help growing the project.

Random NFTs from ANGELS Collections

Like and Follow our project in to stay up to date with latest news!


The main account, called “ANGELS”, has 3 collections: Angels, Demons and Heruvims. All collections are now available for minting on


The Angels NFT collection is: ANGELS-11b373 


The Heruvims collection is: HERUVIMS-21bb23


The Demons NFT collection is: DEMONS-937b09


The main collection, holding them together is:

Yes, during the minting process of the NFTs. 

The NFTs will have prices set for each batch of 1000 NFTs and will increment for each batch, so the value of the project to increase with age. This is also increase the complexity of sale, as the price is incremented with each batch.  

The NFTs are minted using the smart contract from, so the price increments will be made manually. We expect delays to occur on prices update between batches change. 

One can also buy NFTs with MEX, LKMEX, WATER, RIDE etc for Charity ONLY or Community ONLY, as detailed here:

Minting prices for Angels, Demons and Heruvims are available on and can change without prior notification. For the other market places, like DeadRare, FrameIt or others, there is no standard price. Same for the secondary market.  


To see the current  mint price, go to and search for the collection/s below. 

The Angels NFT collection is: ANGELS-11b373 


The Heruvims collection is: HERUVIMS-21bb23


The Demons NFT collection is: DEMONS-937b09


The main collection, holding them together is:

For details about the economics behind them, please read the tokenomics page.



There are 10.000 algorithmically generated NFTs for the Angels NFTs, 1000 for Demons NFTs and only 100 NFTs for Heruvims NFTs.

Not for the minting process, as it provides random NFTs. Once purchased and if you don’t fancy your Angel, the NFT can be exchanged in the or swap/sold on other marketplaces. Same for the NFTs from the other collections. 

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